jumpercut (jumpercut) wrote,

Brush Your Shoulders Off (Matilda)

Fandom: Matilda
Title: Brush Your Shoulders Off
Vidder: elipie
Song: "Bittersweet Symphony vs Dirt off Your Shoulder" by Jay-Z/The Verve
Length: 3:11
Summary: Matilda Wormwood: Gradeschool Badass
Notes: I hope you liked your first Festivids, ua_the_terrible! Thanks to the SoCal vidding crew for cheerleading and jetpack_monkey for the summary.

MP4 Download (128MB)

If you can't see the video below, click here to view on Vimeo (password: library).

Tags: challenge: festivids, fandom: matilda, vid: brush your shoulders off, year: 2013
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